CAD Reappraising Cherokee ISD area for the 2020 Tax Year

Beginning in October, appraisers with Western Valuation are collecting information on property in Cherokee ISD for the 2020 tax year. As per our Reappraisal Plan, each school district in the county is reappraised every third year.  This is a mandatory action performed as specified by the State Comptroller’s office.

Residential properties are physically examined every three years with appraisers reviewing each home, noting the condition of the improvement; listing the individual characteristics of each property such as age, size, economic attributes and/or restrictions. The appraisers will also be looking for changes that might have occurred to the property since the last on-site check as well as the agricultural use on the properties receiving the agricultural use exemption. To carry out the reappraisal, access to the property is needed.  Property owners with locked gates are asked to contact the Central Appraisal District at 325.372.5031 so that appointments can be made to enter the property. If access is not given to the appraiser, the property will be appraised from an aerial map.

Appraisers will start with properties within the Cherokee city limits and will be traveling in vehicles bearing “Central Appraisal District” signage.  Any property owners with questions or concerns regarding reappraisal or the appraiser in the field should feel free to contact the Central Appraisal District at 325-372-5031 or come by 601 W.  Wallace, San Saba.